DLR MO Pulling API

The DLR MO Pulling API is to be used if the default operation for DLR and MO retrieval does not fit your application. The default mode is described here. Pulling mode can be optionally activated by our support.

If your architecture cannot provide an API that is open to the outside world, our Pulling API can solve your problem.

This pull operation then allows you to retrieve your notifications and MOs stored on our servers in queues. You need to request our API on a regular basis to retrieve your information and clear your queues. The API will then provide you with the same returns described here for DLRs and here for MOs in a JSON table.

Please note that you must recover your DLRs and MOs within 1 month. After that, they will not be recoverable.

API Pulling Notification

This request will allow you to retrieve your notifications. Depending on your account configuration (restriction of API usage by IP or not), you have to use the url with -public or not (like for sending SMS).

At each call of our API, you can define the number of items you want to retrieve.

Be careful if you set a value too high and your process takes time to process the elements, you may lose acknowledgments or MOs. You must adapt this value according to the performance of your services.

You can also pass the serviceid as a parameter to retrieve only the SMS corresponding to this serviceid.

As long as our API returns elements, you can use it, and on the contrary, delay your requests by several minutes when the queues are empty.

When there are no MOs or acknowledgments:




In case of an error on an account :


  "results": [


      "msisdn" :"null",

      "smscount" :"0",

      "code" :"-12",

      "reason" :"invalid credential",

      "ticket" :"null"




You can differentiate between MOs and acknowledgements with the Status field. For MOs the value of the Status field is 5. All other values correspond to acknowledgements. You can find more information about these values here.

POST https://api-public-2.mtarget.fr/notification BODY

Your username, given at registration


Your password, given at registration


optional: The number of elements you want to retrieve (50 by default).


optional: The serviceid you want to retrieve (all by default)