Since 2006, MTarget has been offering a complete range of mobile messaging solutions accessible via API connections. The company, which holds the ARCEP L33-1 licence, covers more than 270 destinations via 700 operators, with 50 direct connections, ensuring smooth and efficient communication.

This documentation is intended for developers wishing to use our services.

For most use cases, we recommend using our API-SMS. It is easily integrated and supports high volumes, sending up to 1 million SMS/hour.

For more experienced developers who require an always-connected operation mode, you can use the SMPP Protocol.

If the previous choices are not possible for specific constraints related to your infrastructure or your uses, you can use the transfer via SFTP. We also offer sending SMS in campaign mode API Campaign or receiving acknowledgements in pulling mode API Pulling DLR MO.

Our Support Team is always available if you want to find a solution more fitting to your needs : support@mtarget.fr