MTarget allows you to send SMS from your Marketo tool.


You can register to test freely our service. The creation of an account is without obligation.

To create an account, please contact with "Creation of a Marketo API account" as subject giving the following information: 

  • Email
  • Lastname
  • Firstname
  • Company name
  • Mobile number

In return, we will send you your API credentials.

The SMS sending account that we open can support several offers and different fares depending on destinations and operators, do not hesitate to tell us the destinations you want to test.

Create a new webhook

To start the integration, you need to create a new Webhook:

  • Go to Admin > Webhook > New Webhook
  • Fill these parameters
  1. Webhook Name: the name of your new webhook
  2. URL:
  3. Request Type: POST
  4. Template: username={{my.SMS username}}&password={{my.SMS password}}&serviceid={{my.SMS serviceid}}&msisdn=%2B{{lead.Phone Number}}&msg={{my.SMS message}}&timetosend={{my.SMS timetosend}}&sender={{my.SMS sender}}
  5. Request Token Encoding: Form/Url
  6. Response type: XML

Warning : Any changes on these parameters may take a few minutes to be taken into account by Marketo.

Create the corresponding tokens

Once the webhook is created, you must fill in the corresponding parameters. To do that, go to Marketing Activites and create one token per parameter given during your registration:

  • SMS username: username given during the registration
  • SMS password: password given during the registration
  • SMS serviceid: serviceid given during the registration

Then, in the Program's Activty window, fill in the following parameters (if needed):

  • SMS message: Message content.
  • SMS sender: Personalization of the Sender ID : 11 alphanumeric characters, for example "MyStore" (the default value differs according to countries and operators).¬†Some operators will refuse the personalization of the issuer (for example in France NRJ Mobile or Transatel)
  • SMS timetosend: Date and hour to send the message (format:¬†YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss¬†ex:¬†2038-01-19 04:14:08).¬†The¬†timetosend¬†can not be used to send more than 24h in the future, larger delays must be managed on your side.¬†Even scheduled, it is not possible to cancel a message. The time zone is that of France. If a recipient express his will to not receive SMS anymore (STOP), you can not handle the case of an already scheduled message. Warning: this field is optional but if it's in the template, it should respect the format (and not be empty).


The webhook is now configured, call it once to check its operation. If there is a problem, please see the webhook return details.