Place your files on our SFTP server to send your SMS campaigns. We will take care of sending them and will give you the possibility to download a file containing the campaign stats and opted-out numbers (STOP). This protocol is one of the most secure and reliable available. It is perfectly tailored to mass SMS campaigns (for marketing purposes) up to 1 million recipients. Beyond that, it is necessary to send several files.. 

Warning: you are obliged to take into account requests from recipients not to receive any more SMS. Depending on the destination countries (determined by the telephone prefix of the mobile number), different methods can be proposed to use this right (a "STOP" Opt Out response on a Shortcode or a long number in the message sent; a link to an un-subscribe web page, etc.) and different laws and regulations can further narrow the modalities. More information on this is available in the STOP Report section.


In order to open a test account please send an email to support@mtarget.fr with "Creation of a SFTP account" as subject giving the following information: 

  • General details: last name, first name, company name, phone number, registration number
  • Fixed IP addresses of the server that will be used to send the SMS campaigns
  • If you wish to handle the MO (replies/incoming messages)
  • If you wish to receive a campaign status notification by email



MTarget offers you the possibility to send SMS campaigns all over the world using a single account. We are connected to more than 700 operators across 280 destinations, all you need to do is specify the destinations you need. 

IMPORTANT: There are some legal restrictions when it comes to marketing SMS in France. By Marketing SMS we mean: Promotions, discounts, special offers, openings etc…

Marketing SMSs are allowed from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 10pm (CET/CEST) and forbidden on Sundays and bank holidays.

Any Marketing SMS that is sent outside of the allowed timeslot will be queued on our end and sent the next day at 8am (unless sent on Sunday or bank holidays, in which case the message will be rejected).

Balance: Your account will be debited at the time the message is sent (and not at the scheduling time). Make sure you have enough balance on your account at the time the campaign is sent to avoid it being partially or not at all sent.


We have a SFTP server with IP filtering.

The file processing is immediate. The throughput is depending on the volumes that are being processed. 

The SFTP is set up with 2 directories:

  • Send
  • Report


In order to highly secure our servers we block unknown IPs. You will need to send your IP(s) to support@mtarget.fr in order for them to be whitelisted.

Other security mechanisms can be used, like RSA authentication by asymmetric cryptography (our technical team is at your disposal to study with you the options compatible with your requirements).

As part of good practice, we ask you to delete all the data obtained from the SFTP once processed. We reserve the rights to do so on any files older than a month. 

Campaign status notification by email

You can opt to receive a campaign status notification by email. The first mail is sent when the file is uploaded on our server to confirm that it respects the required nomenclature. A second email is sent at the campaign’s start, which will indicate how many SMS are programmed.

Send Directory

File formatting

The file must be a csv (Comma-Separated Values ) and comply with: https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4180.txt

File encoding: The default source file encoding must be in UTF-8 (The default encoding can be modified upon client request).

File formatting: The file must not contain any column header. Each file in the document should be in the following format: IDREMOTE;MSISDN;OADC;MSG 

IDREMOTE: This is a free field limited to 40 alphanumeric (A-Z characters without accents, no matter the letter case and digits from 0 to 9).

MSISDN: The recipient's mobile number (must be in the international format e.g. +44). Your file must not contain any duplicates.

OADC: This field can be customised with 11 alphanumeric characters without any accent.

MSG: Is corresponding to the message content. It is possible to send long SMS (more than 160 characters) if the option is activated on your account.

Character count: Be careful, in the GSM alphabet, some characters are made of 2 bytes, e.g. the € sign, « € [ ] {} ». When calculating the length of a message, you need to first count the characters of the message independently of the encoding, ( i.e. 1 byte = 1 character) and then add the additional bytes for special characters that count as double, ensuring that the total does not exceed 160 bytes.

For sending campaigns using Unicode, contact us.

For long messages (+160 characters), we allow up to 5* 153 GSM characters (7 characters are used for the message concatenation).

Text encoding: the final text encoding should be : GSM 03.38

GSM character listing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GSM_03.38

The characters that are not received will automatically be replaced.

Field delimiter: Important: All the file delimiters (;) must be present. 

Example: The uploaded file must contain lines like the following:

VSQR0339;+33787798753;Logement; 4P 79m2 3ème étage Imm ancien 2Chbres Volumes vue Parfait état http://www.URL.com/fr/ref-VSQR0339 

File name

The file name should be formalized as follows: SEND-SERVICEID-DATE-HOUR-CAMPAIGNID.csv 

SEND: Compulsory default name prefix (not to be changed)

SERVICEID: It's a 5 character parameter that is provided once the account is open

DATE: In the following format YYYYMMDD

HOUR: In the following format HHMM (must be French local time)

CAMPAIGNID: This is a free field that contain up to 20 Alphanumeric characters (A-Z characters without accents, no matter the letter case and digits from 0 to 9)

Example: SEND-12345-20160728-1827-testpushsftp.csv

Schedule sending: It is possible to schedule a campaign by specifying the date & time in the file name.

Side note: Your file will be processed as soon as it’s on our SFTP server. Therefore, you will not be able to modify or cancel a campaign already scheduled by re-uploading a different version of the initial file. If you want to do that, you will need to contact our support as soon as possible to cancel the scheduled campaign.

Be careful if in the meantime a recipient indicates his wish to stop receiving SMS (STOP), you are no longer able to manage it on these pre-programmed sendings.

If you upload a file with a date in the past, it will be sent immediately.

File processing

File uploading: You need to upload the file in the SEND directory as follows: in order to avoid the file being processed before the end of the upload, you should add the “.tmp “ extension. Once the file is fully uploaded you should change the file extension to “.csv”. The file processing will then get started and we will add the “.lock” extension.

Be careful: files that are not uploaded in the SEND directory will not be processed. 

Example: You upload SEND-12345-20160728-1827-testpushsftp.tmp, you change the name to SEND12345-20160728-1827-testpushsftp.csv. Once the file is acknowledged by our system, the file extension changes to “.lock”.

Compliant file

If the uploaded file is compliant and can be processed we will change the file extension to “.done”

Example: SEND-12345-20160728-1827-testpushsftp.done

Non-compliant file

If the uploaded file is not compliant and therefore cannot be process we will change the file extension to “.reject”.

Example: SEND-12345-20160728-1827-testpushsftp.reject

In this case, of course, no SMS will be sent.

Report Directory

Campaign stats

The stats are available in the report directory:

4 days after for a volume of more than 10 000 SMS.

1 day after for a volume of less than 10 000 SMS.

File name: A file will be uploaded with a name as followed: ACK-SERVICEID-DATE-HOUR-CAMPAIGNID.csv

Example: ACK-12345-20160728-1827-testpushsftp.csv

File content: The file will contain the following: IDREMOTE;MSISDN;OADC;MSG;IDSTATUS;STATUS;ACKOPERATOR

Example: VZBL6259;+33787789959;Logement;http://www.URL.com/fr/ref-VSQR0339 4P 79m2 3ème étage Imm ancien 2Chbres Volumes vue Parfait état;2 ;sent;92c30692-705b-4433-8789- 92a1e78104b4


STOP reports

We will upload a file containing the blacklist (STOP replies to your campaign). This file will be updated in realtime.

File name: A csv file will be uploaded with the following name: STOP-SERVICEID-DATE-HOUR-CAMPAIGNID.csv

Example: STOP-12345-20160728-1827-testpushsftp.csv

File content: The file will contain the following: MSISDN;DATE;HOUR;MESSAGE;IDREMOTE

Blacklist handling: We can handle a blacklist for you and manage the opt-out on your account. Contact our support for details.

SMS-MO Report

A file containing MO (replies) will be available and updated in realtime.

File name: A csv file will be uploaded with the following name : SMSMO-SERVICEID-DATE-HOUR-CAMPAIGNID.csv

Example: SMSMO-12345-20160728-1827-testpushsftp.csv

File content: The file will contain the following: MSISDN;DATE;HOUR;MESSAGE;IDREMOTE